FAQ Bike Fitting

FAQ about Bike Fitting and our services – (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between a positioning study and a bike fit?

There are none! The two terms define the same thing, it is a difference of jargon but the goal is always the same: optimize your position on your bike to maximize your performance and comfort.

How long does it take to adapt to the new position on the bike?

As with all changes, you’ll need a little time to adapt so that your body gets used to the new position. Several factors can influence this adaptation time as the amplitude changes, change of equipment, the number of hours spent in the old position, etc.. It is recommended to make short rides of one or two hours early to get used to the new position better.

I often have pain in the knee when I ride my bike, doing a bike fit can solve the problem?

Yes it does! In most cases, pain at the joints (knees, hips, ankles, wrists, shoulders) are due to a bad position on the bike. A difference of even a few millimeters can have a great impact on the body, gesture pedaling is reproduced thousands of times during rides. (4:00 training, 90 pedal revolutions per minute average = 21,600 pedal strokes). The body functions as a whole, a wedge shoes before too can have a direct impact on your pelvis, your knee or your hip. If pain persists after the bike fit we advise you to still control this by a therapist.

Will you move to Geneva or Lausanne to make your bike fit?

Unfortunately BioBike 5000, the electronic ergometer we use, is not transportable. However we stand between Geneva and Lausanne, 5 minutes from the motorway Allaman. (Ikea Exit) Lausanne is 20 minutes by car, 30 minutes to Geneva. Parking spaces are provisions 50 meters from our studio. We are right next to a bike shop, which allows us to be very responsive when needed.

What is the right position on the bike?

This is the question that comes up more often. The position on the bike is really something personal. It is influenced by many factors, your fitness, your sport, by the geometry of your bike, etc.. Our goal is to help you find YOUR position that will allow you to practice your passion in the best conditions.

I want to purchase a new bike but I hesitate between two frame sizes, can you help me?

Yes, absolutely! With our advanced equipment, the Biobike 5000, we can smoothly reproduce the geometry of the two frames using the ratings provided by the manufacturer. So we can look at exactly what frame size is best suited to your body and your practice.

My osteopath told me that I shorter than the other and that is the reason for my pain in the pelvis leg, do you have a solution?

Yes we do! We offer a unique approach in the area called “Shoe Cleat & Alignment.” This method allows to analyze in detail how your foot on the pedal support and optimize the transfer of power through the use of shims. We can correct any pronation or supination of the foot, as well as possible differences in leg length. This method is also called “Wedging”. En savoir plus

Do you offer a <em>basic bike fit</em>service?

We have in our offer positioning appointed Classic Bike Fit. This study is done directly on your bike without the use of BioBike 5000. It allows you to get the perfect position on your bike. En savoir plus

Do you also offer bike fit for Triathlon bikes or TT bikes?

Yes, absolutely. With our dynamic bike, we can really reproduce the geometry of all types of cycling, without any limits. Therefore we perform positioning studies for TT bikes, triathlon bikes, bikes paths, road bikes and also Mountain Bike (MTB)

Do you have professionals to cite references?

Among the professionals who have used our services you will find Steve Morabito of the BMC Racing Team training, Johann Tschopp IAM Cycling, Suart O’Grady Orica GreenEDGE, Jonathan Fumaux IAM Cycling and also Loic Perizzolo specialist track.

What is the difference between a step test and a performance test?

Do you offer coaching for cyclists wishing to prepare specific objectives?

Do you offer coaching for cyclists wishing to prepare specific objectives?

Whether you want to achieve a good time in La Marmotte or terminate the Grand Raid, our coaching service is at your disposal to accompany you throughout the preparation. Having defined set your goal, we will develop a specific training program that will allow you to approach your challenge under the best conditions. Among the common objectives are the preparations for cyclosportives as La Marmotte, L’Etape du Tour, The Cyclotour Geneva, Le Gruyère Cycling Tour and also ATV racing as Romand Championship (Garmin Bike Cup), the Grand Raid, the Cape Epic .

What do you call a <em>training plan</em> in cycling?

A training plan is the thread of your training. It alternates intensive period and recovery period. This is a detailed plan that will optimize your preparation to be ready when the big day.

What are the types of performance testing you suggest?

We offer several types of physical test:
– Threshold Test
– Test power LDCs (Watts)
– Test Conconi
Please visit this page for more information about our performances tests dedicated to cyclists.