Dynamic Bike Fit


Dynamic Bike Fit – a full bike fitting

At Velo Perfection, our Ultimate Dynamic Bike Fit process goes beyond simple measurements of reach and saddle height. When we talk about Dynamic fitting verses Static fitting, we are looking for Biomechanical improvements, not simply “eyeballing” the rider on their Bike. Every rider has unique biomechanics and therefore there are no generalizations that apply when fitting a rider to a bike. A riders movement patterns are programmed deep inside the brain. Before we can attain the ideal position on a bike a Body Screening, Flexibility and Rider History Assessment will be carried out.
During your Fit session we take into account your whole body, joint range of motion, flexibility, and muscle activation. With this approach we can recommend corrective strategies to further improve your performance and wellbeing both on and off the bike.
To capture real-time dynamic data we use Biobike, a state-of-the-art Computerized Ergometer that allows us to adjust the seat and handle bar position electronically both fore and aft, up and down while you continue to pedal. The Biobike has left and right power cranks and torque analysis and through this data we can adjust your position to a point where you are the most efficient and comfortable, thus allowing us to provide the highest level of bike fit available.

Biobike Ultimate Dynamic Fit includes: Body Screening and Flexibility Assessment, Advanced Cleat and Shoe adjustment, Biobike Power and Torque Analysis, Comparison between 1,2,3 or even 5 different positions assessing Comfort versus Efficiency versus Power. A detailed report with all measurements, specifications and any recommendations will be provided to you.

Length: 2h30-3h00
Price: 400.- for the bike fitting of the first bike, 220.- for the second bike (Mountain Bike, Triathlon, Time Trial, Track Bike or a road bike)

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