Our tools

Here is an overview of the equipment that we utilise during one of our bike fits:

Velo Perfection utilises ergo-bikes which allow for dynamic, fluid and direct adaptations to any current position, or to complete a bikefit for a client that doesn’t yet have a bike and is looking to buy one. We work with both the BioBike 5000 and the Precision Fit Bike which both also allow a pedal analysis to determine power output and muscle balance throughout the process.

BioBike 5000

Precision Fit Bike

Pressure maping Gebiomized

Our saddle pressure analysis allows us to optimize the choice of saddle we recommend to you. In a similar way, our insole pressure analysis allows us to optimize changes to cleat position, shoes, and insoles.

Foot Pressure mapping

Analyse video; Précision Fit et Dartfish

Velo Perfection uses the latest video analysis software throughout the bike fit process. Our software allows for a highly detailed analysis while taking dynamic measures of different body angles to help define the ideal bike position.

Bikefit Wedging and Solestar insoles

The foot to pedal interface is a key point in optimising the efficiency of the pedal stroke, and it is for that we give it such importance. Cleat wedging and Solestar insolses allow us to combine the best of two different technologies to maximise this effect.

M-Body monokinetic analysis

We work with the M-Body connected cycling short which allows for a myokinetic analysis of muscle utilisation throughout one’s pedal stroke. It is possible to determine the muscular balance between both left and right legs as well as the level of activation of different major muscle groups.

e-Wiva knee & pelvis tracker

The e-Wiva knee and pelvis tracker is a technology that allows us to follow knee and hip movement throughout the pedal stroke.

Icranks Software

The icranks pedaling analysis software allows a detailed analysis of the pedal stroke.