Cleat & Shoe Alignment – comfort and performance

Price: 100.- (Included in both the Classic and Dynamic Bike Fittings)

The correct positioning of your cleats on your cycling shoes is an essential component fot both comfort and performance and one of the first components we consider when doing a bike fit.

A bike fit must pay close attention to the position of the cleats, if the cleats are not precisely adjusted before all other adjustments, it is impossible to precisely determine the other attributes of the bike fit. The incorrect alignment of a cleat or the use of the wrong type of cleat often leads to serious and persistent injuries.

When you must eventually change your cleats and you are not sure how to precisely align them, we can do this so that they remain in the correct position just as they were after the cleat fitting, or even make a further adjustment if necessary. Duration: 40mins

The Cleat and Shoe Alignment Process includes:

  • A static evaluation of the foot’s angles
  • A vertical alignment of the foot, knee and hip
  • An adjustment to the cleats
  • A test of insoles adapted to your foot
  • A ‘wedging’ bike fit